• 1 pint Milk
  • 3 tbsp. Fermented Milk (filmjolk, is obtained by adding a culture of natural lactic acid to regular milk)

Heat milk until just point of boiling (to prevent the fermented milk from curdling). Coll the milk to normal room temperature (72 degrees). Mix in fermented milk and 3 tbsp. thick cream. Pour into glass bowls. Cover bowls and let stand at room temperature until they have set, e.g. overnight. Place the bowls in the refrigerator and let them remain until served. Serve with ground ginger and crushed gingerbread biscuits (peppakakor).

Grandma Quist always had a bowl of filbunk in the refrigerator during the summer. She served it at breakfast (frukost) and lunch (lunch), sprinkled with ginger and sugar.

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